Welcome to the 'new school.'

The era of the ON / OFF switch has ended. Isn't it time your filter pump did more than just churn water? Automated Pool Solutions is pleased to introduce variable speed pumps – the next generation of filter pump technology.

While conventional, 'old school' filter pumps run at full speed 24 / 7, variable speed pumps are intelligent and aware. Equipped with onboard computers and advanced electric motors, they calculate the character of your pool and vary speed according to what's necessary.


Master the current.

Automated Pool Solutions pairs variable speed pumps with wireless automation and control systems, putting you in complete command of water flow. Increase pressure and speed to treat yourself to a hydro-therapy massage, or dial in custom profiles and configure your pump to run exactly as you like – all while relaxing in your pool with your mobile device.

Gigantic savings.

Here's a brief lesson on conventional filter pumps: they consume a lot of energy. As a matter of fact, many have been known to consume more energy per year than all of your household appliances combined. If you've got one and you've seen your energy bill, then you're probably familiar with this concept.

Enter the variable speed pump; a new breed of pump on a mission to save you money. When programmed properly, it has the potential to reduce energy costs by up to 90%. That leaves you with a stack of extra dough in your pocket, and a very smug expression on your face.

Take that, energy bill.

* Average savings calculated based on internal survey conducted by Automated Pool Solutions. Actual savings will vary depending on local utility rates, pool or spa volume, pump run-time, pump horsepower, pump speed, plumbing diameter and length, pump model, frequency of service as well as other factors.

** Currency pictured does not reflect energy cost savings.

Savor the silence.

Let's face it. You don't want to have to listen to your pool hardware. After all, the sound of machinery doesn't exactly make for a relaxing dip. That's why Automated Pool Solutions offers the quietest pumps available on the market, like the Pentair Intelliflo® and Jandy® FloPro™ series.