Smart and sanitary.

Salt water chlorination systems use electrolysis to convert common salt to chlorine; the chemical used to sanitize pool water. Electronically intelligent, these systems monitor and manage chlorine levels in your pool, keeping your water healthy and germ-free.


Clean, clear and natural.

With a salt water chlorinator supplied and installed by Automated Pool Solutions, your swim is as hygienic as it is refreshing. Digitally managed chlorine levels mean that your water is clean, but not overly-irritating to the eyes or skin. Add to that the inclusion of salt, which naturally softens your water, and your swim is more rejuvenating than ever.

Less poolside chemistry.

Salt water chlorination eliminates the need for manual chlorine insertion, and reduces the need for regular water testing and maintenance. That means you can spend less time playing with chemicals, and more time playing in your pool.



Automated and controlled.

Combined with automation and control systems, salt water chlorinators offer intuitive remote control. Check chlorine levels straight from your PC or mobile device, or remotely boost levels to combat foreign chemicals.