The bare necessities.

So, you've had your pool outfitted by Automated Pool Solutions, becoming one of our many satisfied customers. Great! Now, your pool operates more efficiently than ever before, and automated systems have taken much of the maintenance out of pool ownership. Of course, not all pool maintenance is handled by your equipment, and your equipment itself will occasionally need servicing.

That's where our routine maintenance service comes in. To keep your pool and all of its components in excellent condition, Automated Pool Solutions offers pool cleaning, water chemistry, and equipment preservation services.


Clean and balanced.

Experience has taught us that, in the pool & spa industry, there are two very different types of clean. There's 'clean,' and then there's 'clean and balanced.' When you call your local budget pool service and they send someone to vacuum the floor of your pool and nuke your water with chlorine, somehow, this generally passes for being 'clean.' The thing is: it's not clean. Sure, it looks okay and the water may be clear, but it's not even close to being clean. That 'clean' water irritates your eyes, causes rashes on your skin, and - even worse - slowly destroys your pool equipment. That's why Automated Pool Solutions brings you 'clean and balanced,' a new type of clean that won't cause discomfort to you, your guests, or your hardware. Automated Pool Solutions rigorously tests your water, taking into account 5 critically important factors to deliver a pool that's clean - not contaminated. With us, your pool is treated by a certified professional - and trust us, he'll bring more than just a vacuum.

Well-oiled machines.

Automated Pool Solutions provides across-the-board equipment preservation service, keeping every piece of equipment running smoothly and ensuring years of reliability and performance.

  • Chlorinators
  • Electronics
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Jets
  • Lighting
  • Pipes
  • Pumps
  • Skimmers
  • Valves

Down to a science.

Leave water chemistry to us - our experts will conduct extensive pH tests and make precision adjustments to your water's chemical content to provide you with the purest, most comfortable swimming water possible.