Let there be lights.

If you think your pool looks good during the day, just wait until you see what it can look like at night. Automated Pool Solutions offers a myriad of lighting options designed to amaze, turning your pool or spa into a truly extraordinary night-time environment.


Ambience is everything.

Hosting a pool party? Do it with atmosphere. Unleash rich and vibrant colors upon your friends and guests, and watch as the excitement level rises.

High output. Low energy cost.

LED technology provides maximum light output and color saturation, but consumes very little in terms of energy. So, go ahead. Party till the break of dawn. Really... your wallet doesn't mind.


Run the show.

The party doesn't start until you jump in. Grab your mobile device, take center stage and proceed to wow your friends like never before. Choose from a selection of eye-catching colors and mix them with animation patterns to put on a show that will make your guests go wild.