Options shouldn't be optional.

Here's the thing: you like options. You like to choose what to have for lunch, and what to have for dinner. You like to choose what you do today, and what you'll do tomorrow. So, when you choose to go for a swim, naturally, you'd like to choose the temperature of your water.

Smart pool heaters are designed with you in mind. Offering wireless remote control and enough power to heat your pool in minutes, they enable the options you deserve, allowing you to tailor each swim to your liking.


Get comfortable.

Together with an automation and control system as well as our professional programming and installation, smart heaters supplied by Automated Pool Solutions put you in total control of pool or spa temperature. Use your PC or mobile device to make temperature adjustments at any time – even if you're in the middle of a swim.

Saving you money.

Smart pool heaters are remarkably energy efficient, leading to significant reductions in energy costs. Featuring technology that allows them to generate heat quickly, they consume less energy than conventional heaters. Plus, the possibility of remote control puts the matter of energy consumption in your hands, letting you easily and conveniently turn your heater off when it's not in use.