Your pool, plugged in.

These days, you live a connected lifestyle. You've got a lot of useful gadgets, and just about everything is 'plugged in.' So, why not your swimming pool? Automated Pool Solutions invites you to imagine a pool that can think, and always operate efficiently; a pool that offers you precise control over every aspect of your swim, enriching each and every poolside experience.

If that's your pool, chances are Automated Pool Solutions made it happen – because while other pool companies are lost in the distant past, we've earned our namesake by being at the forefront of pool automation technology since its inception, and by offering it to consumers like you.

The connected pool is not science fiction. It exists right here and now, at Automated Pool Solutions.


All under control.

Warm it up. Cool it down. Activate water jets, or back-float peacefully. Stun your guests with a display of vibrant colors. Or, signal your cleaner to tidy up the deep end. With a swimming pool outfitted by Automated Pool Solutions, your pool is more than just a pool – it's a technological marvel. And, with your PC or mobile device in hand, all the power it has to offer is ready at your fingertips.

Always thinking.

Pools equipped by Automated Pool Solutions are smart. They're always taking steps to make pool ownership as enjoyable and care-free as you want it to be.

  • Salt water chlorination systems use electrolysis to convert salt to chlorine, eliminating the need to purchase chlorine tablets.
  • Salt water chlorination systems monitor and regulate chlorine levels, reducing the need for water testing and maintenance.
  • Variable speed pumps run at full speed only when necessary, which leads to a significant reduction in energy costs.
  • Smart pool heaters provide superb energy efficiency and offer the benefit of remote control, allowing you to turn them off when you don’t need them.

Remote control.

Looking forward to an evening swim? Prepare your pool in advance. Configure water temperature, pump speed, lighting effects and more from your mobile device, whether you're at the office or out for a bite.*

* Mobile data or WiFi connection required.